House Husbands to Relocate to Late Night

The Wednesday drama curse continues for TV One, with the latest casualty being House Husbands.

From May 28, the lighthearted Australian drama will replace re-runs of Criminal Minds, in the post-Tonight slot.

Taking over its 8.30 slot will be One Born Every Minute, which will resume from episode 11 of the fourth season.

TV One is rescheduling House Husbands only three weeks out from the second season concluding its run.

But no one can accuse of the network of knee-jerk programming, given it’s been a persistently low-rating fixture for the past two months.

It started relatively well, averaging 2.5% – 6.9% of the key demographics, but any gains it posted over predecessor Rake, another quality Aussie drama that languished for viewers, quickly faded.

House Husbands’ move to late-night means TV One will be screening reality shows four nights a week at 8.30, with Undercover Boss USA starting this Saturday, and Britain’s Got Talent and the Big Fat Gypsy strand continuing Thursdays.

As frustrating as that is for drama diehards, the fact is these programmes rate better, with Big Fat Gypsy proving to be a big fat hit compared to predecessor Mr Selfridge.

It seems the only 8.30 slots left for drama on TV One are Sundays, where British and Australian series like Broadchurch, Offspring and A Place to Call Home, rate well, and on Mondays, with American lightweights like Person of Interest and Criminal Minds.

A third season of House Husbands has been filming with the loss of one cast member and the addition of a new core character.

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2 Responses to “House Husbands to Relocate to Late Night”

  1. This is no real surprise considering the show doesn’t have a large enough following to have the 8.30 slot. The show worked fine in the 9.30 Sunday slot with a stronger lead-in and should be moved there instead of the late-night dumping. I guess this show will no longer air in NZ next year and suffer the same fate as Winners and Losers, which is still yet to find a NZ broadcaster.

  2. We all know that reality rulze here in NZ. Drama and SciFi don’t stand a chance on FTA.

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