House of Cards a Bigger Deal Online Than On Air

House of Cards fans have only 10 more days to watch the box set of season one on-demand on 3NOW.

While the HD drama rates barely above an asterisk late-night Sundays on TV3, it’s the #1 drawcard on the broadcaster’s revamped on-demand service

MediaWorks says the 3NOW app for mobile, tablet and Samsung Smart TVs have been downloaded more than 134,500 times since its February 23 launch.

House of Cards has had more than 110,000 streams, which, for the week ending March 9, put it ahead of: Big Brother Australia; Jono and Ben at Ten; The Blacklist; The GC; 7 Days; NCIS; CSI; Sons of Anarchy; 3 News (6pm bulletin).

MediaWorks also reports that another Sunday drama, The Blacklist, is having its viewership boosted by as much as 48% during the week.

The consolidated numbers for February show The Blacklist is TV3’s most time-shifted programme.

Last month the show averaged an overnight rating of 8.6% in the 25-54 demographic, and a consolidated rating of 11.3%, “a phenomenal average lift of 31% across the four episodes”.

Last month four out of five of TV3’s top time-shifted shows were international dramas: The Blacklist, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Jono and Ben at Ten and Sons of Anarchy.

This reflects a worldwide trend of viewers saving premium drama series to watch later.

It was suggested this behaviour is why TV One’s Nothing Trivial slumped so badly in its third season and was axed as a result.

Ex-TV3 programming chief Kelly Martin, who now oversees production at South Pacific Pictures, told the NZ Herald the networks are struggling to keep up with changing viewer habits.

“There was a weird ratings thing going on where shows that had previously done really well just weren’t getting the same numbers. Everyone’s struggling with that – it doesn’t mean people aren’t interested, they’re just watching in different ways.”

Today NZ On Air announced fans left up in the air by the season three cliffhanger would find out if one of the key characters was dead or alive in a two-hour telemovie that will wrap up loose ends.

It’s invested more than $1.6 million in the denouement that’s expected to air later this year.

“The storylines, acting and production values on Nothing Trivial were terrific,” NZ On Air chief executive Jane Wrightso says.

“We have supported this tele-feature because there was still a loyal fan base of 265,000 throughout the third series, and we think they deserve the catharsis of a conclusion.

“We think it’s important to encourage top quality local drama projects. A conclusion may also make the possibility of overseas sales of the series more viable.”

NZOA also is funding Operation Venus and Mars, a $2.65 million dramatisastion of how Palmerston North cop Brent Garner faked a satanic attack on himself as part of an elaborate insurance scam.

It’s being made by Screentime (Underbelly NZ, Beyond the Darklands) for TV One.

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