Howzat! TVNZ’s New Cricket Crew

Scotty Stevenson and Mark Richardson are among the commentators TVNZ has confirmed for its Black Caps and White ferns coverage.

Here’s the media release:

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7 Responses to “Howzat! TVNZ’s New Cricket Crew”

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    December 30, 2023 at 5:24 pm

    Good afternoon. I am watching the cricket from Pukekura Park (Stags v Kings) on Saturday 30th. With all due respect – can the female commentator (not sure who it is) be aware that we can watch the match – she does not have to talk incessantly the whole time.

  2. If you’re talking about Katey Martin, she’s probably the best commentator since Richie Benaut. If you don’t want to learn something about the game turn your sound down.

  3. Agree with you Paddy, Katey Martin was outstanding at the last ODI World Cup (while she was there) and during the WBBL. Have to say I’m disappointed that Wasim Akram is commentating in the BBL rather than joining commentary team for the Pakistan tour of NZ. Maybe TVNZ is only interested taking stuff that Spark has already paid for rather than investing further in the sports arena.

  4. Ian Smith in the NZ Herald after calling the NZ cricket commentary team “s**thouse” during the Aus/WI test cricket. Sadly he’s “absolutely bang on” as Scotty Stevenson would be fond of saying.

  5. totally agree with Ian Smith really think TVNZ commentators appear to be looking for a job as a stand-up comedian stick to some professional commentary instead of the dribble your insulting us with

  6. Commentary is absolute crap, viewers are not watching a blank screen. We can see it’s a good shot and if it results in a boundary. Also, the details of the current over are displayed on screen. Can we please have less of the constant gabble and over-excitement and the endless replays? You guys should sit down and listen to yourselves for an entire match. Then you will see how much you detract from the great game. Do some meaningful research — it’s just laziness.

  7. Commentary from Scotty Stevenson is not professional. Really I feel at times he is sarcastic. Does he understand the game. Really?? I find turning the sound down and listening to the radio is far better. Give me the Poms and Aussie commentators any day.

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