Huge Sky Surprise for Neon and Sky Go

This morning Sky launched a “supersized lockdown viewing” surprise by dropping a bonanza of WarnerMedia content for its Neon and Sky Go streaming services. Here are the highlights at a glance that will go live from 3.00 today:

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12 Responses to “Huge Sky Surprise for Neon and Sky Go”

  1. We finally have a NZ home for Gossip Girl and The Flight Attendant. I wonder if TVNZ put in a bid for the HBO Max deal.

  2. Sky takeover coming? Neon name change to HBO Max? Just speculating that maybe WarnerMedia could be one of the unsolicited approaches …

  3. It’s possible, Leo, tho’ I doubt its pockets would be deep enough. But for some time Warners has been offering HBO Max shows on the open market, so it may have been playing both parties to extract a deal like this. But Sky would always have been the frontrunner given its HBO legacy and the likelihood that more US streamers will use local pay-TV platforms like Sky to carry lite versions of their services.

  4. Quite likely, Darren. Expect to see a lot of global consolidation going forward.

  5. I actually think Warner Bros. Discovery will end up buying Sky ?

  6. Don’t think the Commerce Commission would allow that, Trevor. One global enterprise owning both the country’s pay-TV giant and a free-to-air network would concentrate too much market clout in one party’s hands.

  7. To your Commerce Commission point Philip, I see that WarnerMedia and Discovery are looking at merging, so that would probably make my previous point moot?

  8. Makes sense they would choose Sky from a revenue and logistical point of view. Even with this I’m sure TVNZ gave it a good shot, they need all the content they can get their hands on. So just clarify, all HBO Max content is now Sky exclusive? I see some reality shows from HBO Max haven’t quite made it here and I’m hoping they will all end up on Neon.

  9. Hey, Leo, I hope to post something shortly that updates the original announcement …

  10. Some may not be available due to licensing issues.

  11. Cheers, Philip, looking forward to it.

  12. I’m intrigued to know what the inside scoop is, Philip, hopefully we don’t have to wait to long. P.S. Cheers, mate, for correcting my grammar …

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