I Spy in March on SoHo …

Sky’s SoHo channel will premiere season two of top spy thriller The Americans within three weeks of its February 26 US debut.

SoHo will air the Cold War drama 8.30 Tuesdays, from March 18.

That’s frustrating for fans who enjoyed seeing the first season on TV3 only 24 hours after its US telecast — and the gap is much wider than SoHo has been delivering of late with series like True Detective, Girls and Banshee.

But at least SoHo picked up the casualty of TV3’s restructured 20 Century Fox TV deal and given it was a last-minute addition to this year’s schedule, has programmed it with some expediency.

If you missed its TV3 showcasing, SoHo will box set season one on March 8.

Whereas it focused on the marriage of two Russian spies posing as an American couple in ‘80s Washington, season two will explore “the next point of fracture”: their family unit.

It also will feature the return of the KGB handler played by Margo Martindale, even though she’s since landed a starring role in Prime’s The Millers, and executive producer Joe Weisberg promises a racy sex scene in the premiere that will be “powerful, shocking, and funny.”

There’s a remote possibility of subsequent seasons featuring shoots in Russia, where the series doesn’t air but the producers “hear people are watching it bootleg there”.

SoHo’s other March highlights include season two of Episodes and box sets of Getting On’s first season and Top Boy’s second (March 1), Episodes’ first and Veep’s second (March 15), and Game of Thrones’ first and second (March 22 and 29).

SoHo also is promising “a very exciting announcement soon” about Thrones, the fourth season of which will air mere hours after its HBO telecast.

Also scheduled for March are the NZ premieres of Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight (March 24, 8.30) and the documentaries Questioning Darwin (March 30, 9.30) and Life According to Sam (March 31, 8.30).

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight dramatises the boxer’s court challenge to being conscripted for the Vietnam War and stars Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella and Benjamin Walker.

“As a film drama, it was worth watching in the comfort of the home,” said The Telegraph, “but if it had been shown in a cinema, it would hardly have been worth stirring from the fireside for.

“The star of the film, shown in archive footage, was Ali – accomplished, brave and touching, dancing in the ring and playing with words out of it. With the US sending white and black boys to die unjustly, he said, ‘why should I worry about going to little ol’ jail to save my poor people?’”

Meanwhile, the subject of Life According to Sam, a 17-year-old with the fatal and extremely rare disease progeria, a progressive aging disorder, died earlier this month.

The Washington Post called the documentary “absorbing and deeply inspiring” while the Wall Street Journal said “it was impossible to imagine anything like the gripping power of According to Sam”.

Here’s a sneak peek of other HBO docos that may turn up on SoHo over the next few months.

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2 Responses to “I Spy in March on SoHo …”

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    January 29, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    Any word on whether The Americans will be shown on Prime in the future?

  2. No, but I’d rate its chances of being about zero. Because of new deals with distributors CBS and Fox, Prime no longer needs to resort to shows that already have aired on SoHo, limiting its pick-ups to more popular series like Game of Thrones and Strike Back. The Americans has the same niche appeal as Mad Men, which Prime dropped a couple of seasons ago.

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