Leaving Lightbox in May


Lightbox viewers have only a few weeks to catch the first two seasons of The Expanse and S2 of Underground before they exit the streaming platform.

Leaving in May will be:

  • Underground S2 (May 10)
  • White Collar S1-6 (May 22)
  • UnREAL S1-2 (May 30)
  • The Expanse S1-2 (May 31)
  • The L Word S1-6 (May 31)
  • Las Vegas S1-5 (May 31)
  • Leigh Hart’s Mysterious Planet S1 (May 31)
  • The Outer Limits S6-7 (May 31).
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5 Responses to “Leaving Lightbox in May”

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    April 23, 2019 at 10:49 am

    Wondering if The Expanse will go to Netflix to be shown in 4K?

  2. Let’s hope so, Rosco. It’s frustrating to see 4K series that otherwise would have wound up on Amazon or Netflix languish in HD on NZ streaming services or broadcast schedules. I suspect The Expanse is still under license to Sky but will check. The last time I looked into its Amazon prospects the news wasn’t good.

  3. Good news, Rosco. Sky’s confirmed The Expanse is no longer one of its properties, which should clear the way for its Amazon Prime debut. Have asked Amazon Prime to clarify.

  4. Mmmm – I wish it would be shown on Netflix … Don’t have Amazon and not seen enough on there to justify it (yet!).

  5. Yes, Amazon Prime has a much smaller library in this territory but it has some fantastic originals and costs half as much as Netflix for 4K streaming. And the great thing about streaming services is you can stream for a month, then put your subscription on hold until you want to sample that particular platform again.

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