LG’s First Flat OLED TV Here at Last

LG’s first flat-screen 4K OLED TV for sale in NZ hits shelves this week for $12,499.

The initial shipment of the 65-inch EF950T has pre-sold to the Harvey Norman chain, which will have them on display from Wednesday.

While available in only one size, it marks a welcome departure from previous OLED TVs by being not only flat — the others were curved — but also having HDMI 2.0a support for 60 frame 4K and HDR via external source (like a 4K Blu-ray player).

LG’s OLED TVs are widely touted as the best consumer TVs you can buy. They still have shortcomings but US and UK reviewers reckon that overall they out-perform the finest LCD-LED displays because of their superior contrast and self-emissive pixels.

NZ has lagged behind other territories in accessing OLED stock. Hitherto, LG has limited its range to a handful of 4K and 2K displays while Panasonic doesn’t plan to launch its OLED flagship here until next year (so far it’s been released only in Europe).

Australian OLED buyers have fared slightly better, with a wider range — they can also buy a 55-inch flat screen — and their pricing remains more competitive.

But NZ is catching up. While the curved 4K OLED went on sale in Australia months ahead of us, the gap between the flat-screen releases was only weeks.

And you can expect the local price to nudge closer to the Australian RRP of $A9000 (roughly $NZ10K) if Harvey Norman’s previous pricing practice is a guide — it quickly discounted the 4K curved display — and as this year’s 4K LCD-LED rivals are rolled out.

Moreover, the EF950T is the curtain raiser to a much bigger range of OLED TVs in the market, with the new models LG announced at CES, including the B6/C6/E6 with Dolby Vision support, due later in the year.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, veteran technology journalist Adam Turner said the EF950T addresses “the two blemishes on last year’s models – a curved screen and limited High Dynamic Range support – to create the top-shelf television that many people have been waiting for”.

He said while TruMotion is still this TV’s Achilles’ Heel, “it seems to have been been tweaked for the better” and concluded: “With the EF950T the best just keeps getting better.”

For more detail on the EF950T’s specs, see LG’s NZ site and check out these in-depth reviews:

  • AV Forums (“if we were buying a TV right now we’d almost certainly go for the LG 65EF950V”)
  • C|Net (“picture quality is better than that of any LCD or plasma TV we’ve seen”)
  • HDTVTest (“while the 65EF950 is not without its flaws, especially near-black, for most people they’re far outweighed by the positives”).
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