Lightbox Lands Big Hit in Outlander

One of Lightbox’s exclusive acquisitions, Outlander, debuted to out-sized ratings in the US at the weekend.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it notched up a “multiplatform best” for the Starz cable channel, delivering 3.7 million viewers in total.

“Though the network had a big success in Spartacus and recently got solid performances from Power and Da Vinci’s DemonsOutlander has given the network its most built-in buzz to date.”

The first season of 16 episodes will air in two halves on Starz, with the second batch slated for early next year; it’s expected to stream on Lightbox when the Spark (previously Telecom) service launches towards the end of the month.

The fantasy from Battlestar Galactica‘s Ronald D Moore also has been well received critically.

THR thought it “a quality, immersive tale of time travel” and the Los Angeles Times, “delightful, all in all”.

Echoed Newsday: “Yes, Outlander can occasionally be a bit much for those not already enamoured of its romance-novel leanings. (I plead guilty.)

“But for those open to textured historical sweep and/or time travel what-ifs (guilty on both counts), it’s easy to lose yourself in this gritty production’s pungent sense of place, character and dilemma.”

But Variety was among those who found it “a bit of a snooze — handsome, yes, but about as dramatically compelling as the cover of a Harlequin Romance, and too flaccid to make hearts go pitter-pat.”

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