Lightbox Relinquishes European Golf Tour Rights

Don’t be surprised if coverage of the European Tour returns to Sky after Lightbox ceded the rights.

In a note to subscribers of the PGA streaming service, it says:

“The 2016 European Tour events are no longer available to view on World Golf Pass.

“With the extremely limited interest by viewership in the European Tour it became unjustifiable to continue covering these events, as a result we have ceded the rights to broadcast these events and instead have chosen to focus our attention to the PGA TOUR and accompanying tours, the LPGA, US PGA Championship and the 2016 Ryder Cup to ensure our customers continue to receive access to the best golf in the world that they also care about.

“We are looking forward to delivering the very best golf of 2016 to you including the PGA Championship, the PLAYERS Championship and all the drama of the sport’s greatest spectacle – The 2016 Ryder Cup.”

Sky has yet to confirm if it is picking up the rights but speculation was rife before Christmas that the satcaster would beef up its golf coverage in 2016.

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5 Responses to “Lightbox Relinquishes European Golf Tour Rights”

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    January 22, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Yes, just asked them what reduction there will be in $$ having paid the annual sub a couple of weeks ago!

  2. Good luck on that one!

  3. I’m very disappointed not to be able to watch the current HSBC
    European event in Abu Dhabi featuring McIlroy and Speith having
    renewed my full subscription to Colliseum before Christmas.
    We were NOT informed at that stage that the European Tour
    would not be included.

  4. European Tour content dropped off their platform after the Nedbank Golf Challenge which finished on 6/12/2015. No live European Tour golf has been shown on their platform since nor has any on-demand content been made available for tournaments after that date (6/12/2015). In short it looks likes they ceded the rights as of circa early December. I believe they have deliberately chosen not to inform their customers until last week because the vast majority of their base were due to re-sign their annual contracts at the start of the new PGA season in early January. How do I know the majority of their base were due to re-sign at this time? Because Lightbox Sports wrote so in numerous emails to their base at the start of this year. I didn’t re-sign because – as much as I am a passionate golf follower – I can’t watch golf without the ability to fast forward an on-demand feed so I don’t have to waste my time watching endless filler material, leaderboards, interviews and Jim Furyk’s et al pre-shot and putting routine. That said I’m disgusted by the practice of these fly-by-nighters and wrote a note to NZ Herald’s news desk and I hope they’ll expose. Fair Go, anyone? A bit of class action?

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