Lightbox Sheds Light on Exclusives


Lightbox subscribers won’t have to switch to Amazon Prime to stream the next season of Mozart in the Jungle.

While it’s unclear how long Lightbox will retain exclusive rights to Amazon commissions, the Kiwi streamer has confirmed it will launch season three of Mozart on December.

All 10 episodes will go online at once, as happened last week with season two of The Art of More and today with season five of The Mindy Project.

Similarly, part two of season four of Vikings will start streaming from December 1, but only as weekly episodes.

Due in January are part two of season six of Suits, season two of The Path and season four of Black Sails.

All of these series will continue to stream exclusively on Lightbox, although it will be the pirate drama’s last voyage.

“The times, they are a-changing,” We Got This Covered reports, “and considering that the enticing synopsis for Black Sails season four portends bloodshed on the beaches of New Providence Island, long-time fans of the network’s pirate drama ought to strap in for what will surely be a thrilling conclusion.”

As for S2 of The Path: “The first season introduced viewers to the Meyerists, a cult-like religious group struggling to move forward after its founder falls ill.

“The second season ratchets up the pressure on both leaders and followers.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “A key strength of the series is that it presents the Meyerists as having a range of faith and belief.

“[Creator Jessica] Goldberg has set up a kind of religious love triangle: Eddie is the doubter, Cal the pragmatist, and Sarah the true believer.

“Tensions among them become more pronounced in the second season.”

“The first season was about people, and with the religion, maybe the skeptics were right, maybe there’s nothing,” says Goldberg. “This season we’re exploring if maybe there’s something.”

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