Lucy Lawless, Warrior Witch?

The Zone will launch season two of Salem the same month as in the US.

The period witch hunt drama starts April 5 on WGN and will surface here on April 29.

Season two guest stars Lucy Lawless as an ancient witch — the first guest starred another Kiwi, Antonia Prebble — and its first official trailer has just been posted.

The Zone also will air the NZ premieres of Grimm’s fourth season (April 22), Continuum’s third second (April 24), Haven’s third (April 28), and the one and only of The Cape (April 21), a 2011 network TV series about a fugitive cop-cum-vigilante (“part-RoboCop, part-Batman,” quipped Variety).

Reviews ranged from, “This is one smart, stylishly produced show” (Newsday) and “shrewdly mixes comic book imagery with the right measure of playful humour” (Variety) to, “It’s not Knight RiderBionic Woman awful. It’s merely forgettable” (TV Guide) and “looks like a cartoon but doesn’t allow its hero to be a superhero” (The Hollywood Reporter).

The Zone also will go back to the beginning of Fringe (April 20) and if you haven’t seen American Horror Story’s best season, Asylum, in HD, will box set the SoHo property on April 4-5.

April also is “Shark Month” on The Zone, with Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (April 4), Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (April 11), Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark (April 18) and Avalanche Sharks (April 25).

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3 Responses to “Lucy Lawless, Warrior Witch?”

  1. The Zone will be screening Season 2 of Continuum in April, not Season 3.

  2. Quite right! Thanks for your vigilance.

  3. No problem Philip.

    My son and I are looking forward to watching the second season of Continuum

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