Mad Men and Veep Earn VIP Status

They won’t match Game of Thrones’ lightning-fast turnaround but the latest seasons of Veep and Mad Men also are being fast-tracked to air on SoHo.

The Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy about a US vice-president will start its second season on April 18 and Mad Men its sixth season on April 14.

SoHo’s Veep broadcasts will lag four days behind HBO’s and Mad Men’s six days behind AMC’s.

Mad Men’s turnaround falls short of Foxtel’s in Australia, where it will screen within hours of AMC’s telecast.

But it’s a big step up from last year, when three weeks separated US and NZ screenings.

Series six opens in 1967 with a double-episode and will be the show’s penultimate season, creator Matthew Weiner says.

According to The Daily Beast, the closing minutes of the fifth-season finale contain “incredibly important” information about season six’s direction.

“At the end of the season, a question is asked of Don, which is ‘Are you alone?’ It’s a telling and loaded query, which is followed by Don entering a darkness as the credits roll.

“Weiner indicated that these final scenes—a sequence of interlocking scenes depicting Megan as ‘Beauty’ at a commercial shoot, the partners gathered on the new floor of the offices, and Don alone in a bar—are significant …

“‘I would love for people to just watch the last 10 minutes of season five right before season six starts. I think you’ll have a really incredible experience as we get there.’”

SoHo will re-run season five as a Box Set Saturday on April 13.

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