Marvel Shows Top Streaming Universe

Disney+ has struck the streaming mother lode with its Marvel series, Parrot Analytics reports.

Here’s its analysis of the most in-demand shows with US audiences so far this year, ahead of the latest Disney+ Marvel premiere, Loki.

WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier earned 38.9x and 37.8x the demand of the average show, respectively, during their first 30 days of availability, far and away the top two debuts of 2021.

The third largest debut with American audiences was Shadow & Bone, with 26.8x more demand than the average series. This was the biggest Netflix debut of the year by far. This data lends credence to Netflix’s recent decision to renew the fantasy drama for another season.

Six of the top ten debuts were developed from book IP, showing the increased importance of tapping into pre-existing audiences and fanbases in today’s entertainment world. Five of those were comic books, with Shadow & Bone being the only novel adaptation in the top ten.

Also on the list is Jupiter’s Legacy at number eight. Despite earning 15.7x more demand than the average show in the US during its debut period, Netflix recently decided to abruptly cancel the superhero series.

Loki pre-release demand

While tracking slightly below its Disney+ Marvel brethren in pre-release US demand, the new series is still set for a strong debut.

Three days before their respective launches, US demand for Loki was:

  • 14.1% lower than pre-release demand for WandaVision
  • 12.3% lower than pre-release demand for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

At 17.4x more demand than the average show in the US three days before launch, Loki still achieved our Outstanding demand category, placing it in the top 3% of all shows in the US.

Despite its three day out comparison, pre-release demand for Loki has largely held steady with that of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which become the world’s most in-demand series just eight days after premiering back in March.

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