Mega-Justice League to Land Super Fast UPDATED

Next month Sky will fast track the four-hour cut of Justice League.

Regular contributor Brian alerted me to this on Thursday night, after Neon posted it on Instagram with scant details.

Only a day earlier Sky had distributed Neon’s March highlights but with no mention of the extended edit of the 2017 Zack Snyder-directed superheroes movie (which I personally thought already was too long).

I’ve been seeking further information from Sky on the timing of the Neon premiere but so far no response.

However, expect Neon to stream soon after it goes live on HBO Max on March 18 (US time). Whether that means March 18 or 19 here is unclear.

With key HBO content, like Game of Thrones, Neon wasn’t able to stream the episodes as quickly as their simulcast on SoHo.

But with huge global interest in Justice League, Sky will want to offer it ASAP to discourage streaming from other sources — which may be preferable if they stream in 4K whereas Neon maxes out at 1080.

Initially I posted it would be a Neon exclusive but it’s likely Sky also will offer it as a premium rental on Sky Box Office, as it did last year with several high-profile moves that bypassed COVID-19 impacted cinemas.

Earlier today ScreenRant reported Warner Bros had confirmed a worldwide rollout on the same day as the US with different HBO partners — but hadn’t disclosed what it would cost to view (Sky’s first Sky Express Release, Onward, cost $25.)

Dark Horizons reports the new version will have 2650 new vfx shots.

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5 Responses to “Mega-Justice League to Land Super Fast UPDATED”

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    February 19, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    I hear rumours about a UHD Blu-ray disc release. I ain’t going to waste my time on a compressed version when the disc is of far superior quality, especially audio!

  2. Yes, Fsmith, that would be the ultimate platform. The well-sourced Digital Bits was first to report the likelihood.

  3. That’s exactly where I got the information from!

  4. ScreenRant reports this will be shown full frame, 1.37:1 like old-school CRT TVs, as Snyder intended the original to be shown in Imax 1.43:1. The released version’s 1.85:1 frame has picture information cropped from the top and bottom to fit modern cinema screens and TVs.

  5. Thanks, thx1138. ScreenRant’s also reporting Justice League will be released globally on March 18.

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