Message Received Loud and Clear

Paul Money Hi-Fi has been quick to undercut The Warehouse’s online discounting of Pioneer’s a/v receivers.

Since 10am today, The Warehouse has been selling three models online at its Red Alert site for between $449 and $999.

Paul Money Hi-Fi responded by discounting two of the same models to between $448 and $998.

While the savings might be incremental, Paul Money Hi-Fi also stressed its stock was “NZ authorised product with full 3 year back and warranty” whereas The Warehouse’s were parallel imports.

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2 Responses to “Message Received Loud and Clear”

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    August 20, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    So what was the price of Paul Money’s amps before this discount?

  2. $700 for the VSX-522 and $1800 for the VSX-1021.

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