Meteoric Indigo to Go

Mike Hobin appraises a projection screen as stellar as it is portable

Paired with the JVC projector I reviewed previously was the Indigo Screens Meteor Traveller 16:9 portable pull-up floor screen.

In short, this is a floor standing portable screen for use with home theatre or data projectors. It’s available in two flavours: 80-inch and 92-inch.

The screen ships in a very large cardboard box with excellent packing. The unit sits in a plastic bag, in a polystyrene cradle. Simply open the box, pull the polystyrene off, and lift the screen out.

The screen itself is housed in a great looking black aluminium carry case with a good solid handle. It’s not heavy, and despite its size it’s not hard to move around.

The case open with two catches, a quick flick of each of them and flip the top back and you’re set. To raise the screen, simply grasp the top bar of the screen and pull upwards.

The hydraulic lift scissor mechanism of the screen helps raise and lower the screen and keep it at the height you select.

The bottom of the case has two stabilising feet that you rotate 90 degrees to keep the unit stable. Once raised, the screen is stable and does not flop around at all.

A word from the (possibly) wise: when I first raised the screen, I had trouble with it catching on the right hand side, but this was caused by me not opening the case’s lid back far enough and the lift mechanism catching on the case. It’s just something to watch for the young players out there.

The screen itself is the standard off-white colour, with a gain of around 1.0 – 1.2. The screen area is surrounded by a black border to alleviate any image overflow from your projector.

The screen is washable, durable, and, apparently, fire-retardant.

The picture clarity was excellent with no blooming evident in the whites, and excellent deep black levels; colour clarity and consistency were equally good.

  • Indigo Home Theatre Projector screens are available from RapalloAV.

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    October 30, 2012 at 10:08 am

    How much does it cost? And where is it available?

  2. Prices start from $525 at RapalloAV.

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