More FAST Channels for ThreeNow

ThreeNow is testing two more FAST channels that you can expect to see launched shortly.

As posted previously, CNN Fast is a curated news digest service spun off the cable news network that Warner Bros. Discovery owns.

It appears to be the same service CNN provides on its website as an alternative to Sky’s CNN International feed, albeit with similar content.

The biggest difference is it will stream in HD whereas Sky’s news channels are all SD.

The other pending FAST channel is devoted to The Graham Norton Show.

Their launch will increase the number of ThreeNow FAST channels to nine.

Get a sneak peek of CNN Fast here and Norton here while you can.

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5 Responses to “More FAST Channels for ThreeNow”

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    May 4, 2024 at 11:30 am

    They really are ramping up their offerings, meanwhile nothing from TVNZ. Are they going to launch any Philip?

  2. FAST channels don’t appear to be on their radar at the moment, Leo, which is surprising given their digital-first transformation and the rapid FAST uptake globally.

  3. Seems like a missed opportunity for them considering every other free to air broadcaster is jumping at the chance to launch FAST channels. This is good for ThreeNow as a point of difference from TVNZ+. Would of been nice to have a TVNZ Archive channel or RNZ having a channel to play all its video content.

  4. If Three ran a CNN-international broadcast in the Newshub late slot, throwing in a A-NZ voiced-over weather forecast it would surely get better ratings than the 3rd daily showing of Deal or No Deal on TVNZ.

  5. Just splice on the NIWA weather forecast (which updates regularly with a presenter and all).

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