More HD Movies Due on TV2 But Still Stereo Only

More HD movies are starting to creep into TV2’s schedule but TVNZ has still to confirm a date for when it will start broadcasting in Dolby Digitial 5.1 audio.

Although TV2 now screens most of its series in HD — this week, more than 20 hours’ worth — curiously few of its movies have been in 1080i.

A welcome change is Saturday’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the following Saturday’s free-to-air HD premiere of Appaloosa.

But why are HD movies the exception and not the norm?

“HD technical costs can apply to a number of our feature film deals – and these costs need to be considered when sourcing transmission materials,” a spokesperson told

“However, we are certainly aiming to increase the number of primetime feature titles for airing in HD where we can.

“Likewise, we are working towards replacing a number of the re-run blockbuster titles, depending on availability – and replacement costs.”

In the meantime, TVNZ has still to announce a 5.1 switchover date for its HD transmissions.

“We want to make sure all systems are ‘go’ before confirming publicly,” a spokesperson says.

“I think we’d say it’s happening imminently, but not immediately.”

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5 Responses to “More HD Movies Due on TV2 But Still Stereo Only”

  1. “I think we’d say it’s happening imminently, but not immediately.”

    Read: “The day before the RWC starts”.

  2. Speaking of stereo only … the past few weeks of CSI:Miami have been opening with non-surround sound :S

  3. TV3 has no record of this being so. Do you watch the show via Sky or Freeview|HD?

  4. Finally TVNZ goes DD5.1 as of August 25th..

  5. Thanks for the update, Paul, but TVNZ says it’s only broadcasting in stereo on the surround stream and that it will announce its 5.1 roll-out next week.

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