More Sudden Scheduling Changes on TV3

TV3 today announced it was bringing forward a week the season premieres of HD factual-ent hits Prison Families and Family Secret.

The two shows will screen back-to-back 7.30 Wednesday from July 30, replacing low-rating re-runs of Destroyed in Seconds and Crime Exposed.

The changes follow TV3’s abrupt rescheduling of Crisis to late night and the pulling of stablemate Hawaii Five-O until it can find the crime drama a new tag team mate in a less vulnerable slot with TV2 poised to launch The Amazing Race: Australia v NZ.

The last week ended dismally for TV3. After winning all the key demos on the Sunday night, it suffered a devastating mid-week collapse that led to it averaging only a 16.6% share of 18-49 year-olds for the week, and 16.8% of its target 25-54 demo. 

TV2’s shares in these demos were 31.2% and 28.8% respectively.

The previous week, TV3 averaged a 19.3% 18-49 share and a 20.0% 25-54 share.

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7 Responses to “More Sudden Scheduling Changes on TV3”

  1. Slightly confused as TV3 have said on Twitter H50 is moving to Friday nights at 11pm. I thought they had rescued it from the graveyard slot.

  2. Thanks for the updates, Caroline and Leo. But have just checked with TV3 and they tell me H5O has yet to be rescheduled. Replacing the 11pm Friday re-runs is a repeat of Harry from August 1.

  3. So obviously the person tweeting doesn’t really know a lot and just sent me that to keep the peace then 🙁 ugg they suck

  4. TV3 simply says the tweet was a “mistake”.

  5. Thanks, Philip, for clarifying the situation. Even tho’ I am not a H5O fan, glad they’ve seen sense to not redump it late at night. They could try pairing it with the recently renewed The Night Shift or the yet to be scheduled Gang Related.

  6. Thanks, Philip, would have been good to know that before I tried to soften the blow of them pulling it with a screen cap of the tweet on the Five-O fanpage on FB. Oh well, I guess I’ll break the bad news eventually but might wait till next week, hopefully something might have changed by then. *sigh*

  7. Although I don’t personally watch H5-0 I think TV3 and other networks who move timeslots with no notice are shooting themselves in the foot. It’s not helped that when programming is just moved without warning, often the last episode in the timeslot has no promotion or crawlers/voiceovers to say where it is being moved to like they used to. Thank goodness for PVRs that track scheduling changes.

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