My Sky+ … in October

Hallowe’en comes early for horror fans next month on Sky’s HD movie channels.

For instance, Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead will debut on October 1 on Sky Movies and the far superior original 17 days later, on Sky Movies Greats.

The latter also has the loathsome Cabin Fever and the movie Guillermo del Toro disowned, Mimic, while Sky Movies will premiere The Collector, Paranormal Activity 2, Solomon Kane, Mirrors 2 and Devil.

There’s also comedy in the form of Shrek Forever After, Dinner for Schmucks, Easy A, Zoolander, Evan Almighty and Diary of a Wimpy Kid; a couple of Woody Allen also-rans (Match Point, Scoop); true modern classics like The Shawshank Redemption, Crash and Blow; and one of George Clooney’s best movies, The American.

Premiering in order of appearance will be:

Sky MoviesWrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (October 1), The Last Airbender and Mirrors 2 (October 2), The Collector (October 5), Shrek Forever After and Dinner for Schmucks (October 9), Solomon Kane (October 12), Marmaduke and Easy A (October 16), The American (October 19), Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Paranormal Activity 2 (October 23), Devil (October 26), The Expendables (October 30).

Sky Movies Greats Crash (October 1), Scoop (October 5), Cabin Fever (October 10), The Kingdom (October 12), Match Point (October 14), The Shawshank Redemption (October 15), Wrong Turn (October 18), Zoolander (October 22), Evan Almighty (October 23), Mimic (October 25), Blow (October 29), Derailed (October 30), Push (October 31).

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