My Sky HDi … Movies in March

Sky will kick ass next month when it premieres in HD the comic book sensation, Kiss-Ass, and the apocalyptic horrors The Book of Eli and Daybreakers.

Fantasy also will be to the fore in Alice in Wonderland and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus while the sports fans can choose from Invictus and Cinderella Man.

And even if Jeff Bridges hasn’t won an Oscar for True Grit two weeks from now, you can see how he deserved his first in Crazy Heart.

Another romance, Letters to Juliet, also looms large in March, along with rom-coms When in Rome, You’ve Got Mail and The Holiday.

For families, Sky Movies has Flicka 2, Flying By and Bandslam, and Sky Movies Greats, Garfield.

Screening in order of their HD premieres will be:

Sky MoviesFlicka 2 (March 1), Bandslam and Alice in Wonderland (March 6), Winter of Frozen Dreams and Into the Blue 2: The Reef (March 9), The Book of Eli (March 13), Repo Men (March 14), Letters to Juliet (March 16), Flying By (March 17), Invictus (March 20), When in Rome (March 23), Kick-Ass (March 27), Daybreakers (March 28), Crazy Heart (March 30).

Sky Movies GreatsYou’ve Got Mail (March 4), Garfield (March 5), Carlito’s Way (March 12), The Holiday (March 13), Cinderella Man (March 18), The Patriot (March 23).

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