My Sky HDi … Sky Movies in October

The end is ‘nigh — at least if you subscribe to Sky Movies.

Among the HD premieres the premium movie channel will roll out next month are the doomsday disaster blockbuster, 2012, and the horror hit, Drag Me to Hell.

Comedy dominates the rest of the line-up, ranging from the sometimes sublime — Ricky Gervais’ The Invention of Lying — to the perennially ridiculous (Jack Black’s caveman romp, Year One).

Screening in order of their HD debuts will be:

Fly Me to the Moon (October 2); G-Force, Drag Me to Hell (October 3); Matters of Life and Dating (October 7);  Aliens in the Attic, Year One (October 10); Concrete Canyons (October 12); Werewolves (October 14); A Perfect Getaway (October 15); 2012 (October 17); My Life in Ruins (October 20); Orphan (October 22); The Invention of Lying (October 24); Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (October 25); I Love You, Beth Cooper (October 26); Surrogates (October 31).

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