My Sky + … SoHo in June

True Detective’s Colin Farrell

SoHo will screen season two of True Detective the same day as HBO but probably not at the same time.

It will air 8.30 Mondays from June 22, replacing Game of Thrones — the series that made history as the first HBO drama to screen simultaneously around the globe.

Sky has yet to confirm if True Detective will also air 1pm Mondays, as GoT does.

But it’s unlikely given the simulcast was an HBO initiative to try to thwart piracy of far and away the most illegally downloaded series in the world.

The Brink's Jack Black

The Brink’s Jack Black

True Detective S2 is set in LA County with a new storyline and cast that includes Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch.

The original’s Nic Pizzolatto again is the writer but replacing Cary Fukunaga as director, at least of the first two episodes, is Fast & Furious’ Justin Lin.

Premiering the same week as the US in June will be the new comedies The Brink and Ballers.

The former stars Jack Black, Tim Robbins and Pablo Schreiber as three unlikely heroes who try to prevent a third world war following a coup in Pakistan.

Indiewire dubbed the first two episodes “tonally on a level with Dr Strangelove” while HBO told US TV critics it doesn’t expect the terrorism theme will make the channel a target of extremists, a la The Interview.

Ballers’ Dwayne Johnson

The Brink will air 8.30 Thursdays from June 25 on a double-bill with Ballers, a pro-football comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and Peter Berg (who directs the premiere).

Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson are among the producers, which has some thinking it could be HBO’s next Entourage — and that’s certainly borne out by the trailer (“get rich, get laid, have fun”).

June’s also notable for the S2 premiere of Halt and Catch Fire (June 3), late-night re-runs of Justified from the beginning, and box sets of The Casual Vacancy, Mad Men (S7b), Bates Motel (S3), True Detective (S1) and Game of Thrones (S5).

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