Neon Fast Tracks Woody Allen Expose

Neon will stream HBO’s Allen v Farrow from Monday.

The four-part documentary series about the couple’s tabloids-ripe relationship also will be available in HD on Sky Go.

“The controversy around Woody Allen’s ill-fated relationship with Mia Farrow, his affair with and later marriage to her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, and the allegations of abuse of their-then seven-year-old child Dylan seemingly won’t ever go away, and Allen V. Farrow provides a good reason as to why it shouldn’t,” Screen Daily said.

“The pain and anguish expressed by Mia Farrow and her now-adult daughter Dylan throw a hard light on a cold ugliness that you can’t look away from simply because it’s unpleasant, or you really liked Hannah and Her Sisters.”

The Hollywood Reporter thought the filmmakers prosecute “the case against Woody Allen in ways more emotional than intellectually persuasive

“Using Dylan’s account of what happened as its centerpiece, supported by newly presented documents, audio and video recordings (the doc isn’t great at clarifying what exactly is never-before-seen/heard and what’s merely been resurfaced), it’s a harrowing watch.”

“It feels impossible to consider this series as a piece of art,” Vanity Fair said.

“It’s journalism, because it goes to great lengths to place much-obscured facts at the forefront of a story that has long been told through the lens of P.R. spin.”

“If a punishing watch, it is a valuable thing to have as a part of the cultural record, twice over,” was Variety’s verdict.

“It allows, at expansive length, Dylan to meaningfully be heard, and not solely about the worst thing that ever happened to her.

“And it exists as countervailing force on what had been a cultural tendency towards, if not forgiveness of Allen, then a sort of ambient willingness to forget.’

Allen v Farrow will stream here within hours of its HBO Max premiere.

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2 Responses to “Neon Fast Tracks Woody Allen Expose”

  1. Hey, guys. More importantly, they’re fast tracking the Snyder cut of Justice League. P.S. If it’s been mentioned, I apologise, as I haven’t noticed it.

  2. Thanks, Darren, I’ve just posted it here. Neon teased the news yesterday on Instagram. I’ve been seeking further information today but to no avail.

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