Thrones Makes Neon Shine Bright

Game of Thrones is helping to drive subscriptions for Sky’s streaming service, Neon, which is soon to go HD.

The pay-TV operator, which is reeling from a sinking share price, today announced May has been its most successful acquisitions month since the service’s launch last year.

Notching up more than double the number of new sign-ups coincided with the season-six bow of Game of Thrones .

Sky says the week leading up to the premiere episode saw a surge in viewers refreshing their Thrones knowledge by recapping earlier seasons before settling in for the main event.

Neon is also the first platform in NZ to have the post-match analysis After The Thrones, which goes online each Wednesday after the premiere Monday episode.

Sky has confirmed Neon will soon offer HD streams, like Netflix, Quickflix and Lightbox, but has yet to disclose when.

It didn’t launch the service in HD because it misjudged the uptake of streaming services in this market and the impact the rollout of UFB would have on demand.

It was also concerned Neon would cannibalise its satellite service and to minimise set-up costs, licensed rights in SD rather than HD.

This week’s 20-most watched streams on Neon were: Game of Thrones (S6), Game of Thrones (S4), Game of Thrones (S5), Game of Thrones (S2), Fear the Walking Dead (S2), Game of Thrones (S3), The Shannara Chronicles, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Helix (S1), Vinyl, Hart of Dixie (S4), Insurgent, Girls (S3), Into the Badlands, Younger (S2), Banshee (S2), Fear the Walking Dead (S1), Pitch Perfect 2, Younger (S1) and Spongebob Squarepants.

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3 Responses to “Thrones Makes Neon Shine Bright”

  1. If Neon goes HD does that mean the SkyOnDemand content will also go HD?

  2. Yes. I hope to be able to provide more details in a post analysing what’s next for Sky.

  3. YAY, it will be wonderful being able to download TV shows and movies in HD 🙂

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