Network Movies in HD: May 15 – 21


Tooth Fairy (TVNZ 2, 6.40)

Kung Fu Panda (Three, 7.00)

Far From the Madding Crowd (Maori TV, 8.40)

Bad Boys (Three, 8.50)

Hot Tub Time Machine (TVNZ 2, 9.30)

Predator 2 (Duke, 9.55)

Lady Bird (Three, 11.15)

Sphere (TVNZ 2, 11.30)



Southpaw (TVNZ 2, 1.50am)

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (TVNZ 2, 7.00)

Venom (Three, 8.00)

A Quiet Passion (Maori TV, 8.35)

Suicide Squad (TVNZ 2, 9.20)

No Escape (TVNZ 2, 11.45)



Sugar Baby Murder (Three, 1.00)

Hangman (Prime, 8.30)



Til Ex Do Us Part (Three, 1.00)

The Lincoln Lawyer (Duke, 8.30)



The Perfect Soulmate (Three, 1.00)



Ring of Deception (Three, 1.00)



The Wrong Mother (Three, 1.00)

Mortal Engines(Three, 7.30)

Date Movie (Duke, 8.30).

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10 Responses to “Network Movies in HD: May 15 – 21”

  1. It appears the new LG OLED C1 series have launched as the 65 C1 OLED is on Noel lemmings website now. Makes me wonder why LG fails to announce the launch dates and pricing for New Zealand models. Last year I was waiting for months for it to launch. And then more months until I purchased one on 1 October!

  2. WOW, I see HBO Max are in talks with Discovery to join them so I wonder what does that mean for Three and New Zealand if it goes ahead :)

  3. I bet you weren’t disappointed in your purchase, Fsmith. LG makes cracking OLED TVs, with a fantastic OS and PQ. The CX is a superb TV and now the C1 series is being rolled out, can probably be picked up for a bargain. Why LG NZ doesn’t trumpet its new models more surprises me, too, given how good and competitively priced they are. It used to have a PR agency, like Sony and Samsung do, but stopped using it a few years ago and now relies on a mix of TV ad campaigns, retailer networking and media reviews to promote their wares. Its soft OLED launch may make more sense this year given the global chip shortage. FlatPanelsHD is one of the best sources for news about new TV displays, although it’s very US/Europe-centric.

  4. Yes Trevor, the speed of media landscape change is truly bewildering. And not just for those of us who grew up with merely one TV channel — Variety reported this about the latest upheaval: “News of Discovery’s pursuit of a union with the erstwhile Time Warner assets came on so fast that executives and recent alumni of HBO, Warner Bros. et al were dizzy with surprise as word spread Sunday morning.”

  5. If it happens I wonder if it makes it more likely of some form of HBO Max coming to New Zealand, what’s your opinion Philip? I think it’s exciting news :)

  6. I’m afraid Sky’s HBO deal runs deep, Trevor. I doubt there will be any form of HBO Max in this market until at least 2023 because of Sky’s multi-year licensing of HBO content. We’re a tiny territory that’s already saturated with streaming services. It’s interesting that there isn’t even an ETA yet for Paramount+ given it’s about to launch in Australia. I imagine players like WarnerMedia (HBO), ViacomCBS (Paramount) and NBCUniversal see leveraging pay-TV rights with Sky as being more lucrative than the number of direct-to-consumer subscriptions they could amass when Netflix, Amazon and TVNZ OnDemand already are so entrenched — especially when Sky/Neon is hungry for exclusive content to distinguish itself from these streaming services.

  7. I wonder if this will mean (further) cuts for Three, similar to when Viacom & CBS merged and the massive cuts they made to 10 Network in Aus shortly after. Also be interesting to see what happens to their streaming platforms – will they share content? Combine Discovery+ & HBO Max into one?

  8. I see it’s now official about WarnerMedia joining Discovery, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens going forward. It’s definitely bad news for Sky in New Zealand even if they have got the rights for a few years :)

  9. I’ll say, Trevor! Who knows what the ramifications will be here but Variety’s analysis of the deal, which will take a year to conclude, includes this observation: “A Discovery-WarnerMedia alliance also raises questions about the future for Comcast-backed pay-TV operator Sky, which has long-term licensing agreements in place for key European markets with WarnerMedia. ‘Will they become more willing to launch HBO Max in Sky countries [U.K., Italy, Germany]?,’ asks Francois Godard, senior media and telecoms analyst for Enders Analysis. ‘So far, they have said they’ll do it eventually, but it’s unclear because they make money with Sky and it would cost them a lot to establish HBO Max.’ But now, the launch of HBO Max in territories where WarnerMedia and Sky have deals ‘could become more likely,’ adds Godard.”

  10. Interesting article Philip. I guess it’s watch this space :)

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