Network Movies in HD: October 17 – 23


Blast from the Past (TVNZ 2, 7.00)

Shutter Island (Duke, 8.30)

Semi-Pro (TVNZ 2, 9.00)

Focus (TVNZ 2, 10.50)

Our Brand Is Crisis (TVNZ 1, midnight)



V for Vendetta (TVNZ 2, 12.45am)

Casino Royale (Three, 7.00)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (TVNZ 2, 7.00)

The Olive Tree (Maori TV, 8.30)

The Matrix Reloaded (TVNZ 2, 10.00)

Cabin in the Woods  (Duke, 10.00)



The Lazarus Effect (TVNZ 2, 1.20am)

Gurrumul (Maori TV, 8.30)

Sabotage (Prime, 10.05)



St. Vincent (Duke, 8.30)



X-Men (Three, 8.30)

I Love You, Man (Duke, 8.30)

Walking Out (Maori TV, 8.30).

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2 Responses to “Network Movies in HD: October 17 – 23”

  1. It’s been quite a while since I’ve watched a movie on network TV but Tuesday’s St. Vincent was excellent! A very nice hd presentation with good sound. Bill Murray was superb. Was it my imagination or does Duke have fewer ads than the other main channels? They were certainly less intrusive, or am I getting old ? 😀

  2. That’s interesting, thx1138. Presumably there are fewer ads and ad breaks because of the channel’s low viewership. I, too, loved St Vincent and good to know the PQ of the outstanding Blu-ray carried over to the HD broadcast.

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