New Blood for the Rialto Channel

Sunday’s season two premiere of Irish drama Blood spearheads a riveting crime line-up on Rialto for the rest of the year.

If you missed the first season, it’s being repeated Sunday ahead of S2 and also can be streamed on Acorn TV.

Acorn actually commissioned the twisted family thriller but Rialto licensed both for NZ broadcast.

UK critics were divided over how well S2 lived up to the excellence of S1.

“Echoes of the first season are audible throughout but, at best, they’re faint echoes, dim reminders of a much superior show,” was The Times’ reserved verdict.

But The Guardian was more effusive, with two critics giving it the thumbs up.

One praised writer Sally Peztal for adeptly weaving “a complex knot of murder, family dysfunction, domestic violence, drug-dealing, lesbian love, shattered futures and more”.

The other concluded: “Blood is a smart, gripping saga that credits its audience with intelligence, and it deserves to have viewers hooked.”

Rialto also has a raft of other returning crime dramas in the pipeline.

They include S2 of Bad Banks (July 14) and next month S5 of The Bureau and S2 of Hidden.

The Bureau is an award-winning French political thriller that has sustained its initial acclaim season after season; Hidden is a bilingual detective drama set in Wales.

Said the Wall Street Journal of Hidden’s second season: “A complex work gripping from start to finish thanks to stellar writing, impressive performances, and, not least, perhaps, the ambition that comes shining through.”

The WSJ also said Hidden’s self-contained storytelling means its it requires “virtually no acquaintance with the plot of season one”.

Which is good news if you’re new to Rialto as unfortunately the channel’s rights to earlier seasons of The Bureau and Hidden have expired.

But expect to see re-runs of Cardinal and Brassic before they return for new episodes: S4 of the former is due in October and S2 of the latter in November.

Brassic isn’t a mystery but a gritty lighthearted delight about dysfunctional petty criminals in a northern England village; Cardinal is a Canadian spin on the Scandi-noir genre that manages to be both unique and derivative.

Hulu streamed the fourth and final season in April and it’s just started a BBC2 run, where the Evening Standard summed up the “sub-zero whodunit”  as “chilling, thrilling stuff. Tension slowly seeps into the viewer like frostbite.”

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    I have noticed for a few days on Apple TV Lightbox seems to be a bit slow when moving around the menu. I wonder if it’s to do with Neon 🙂

  2. I imagine so, Trevor.

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