New Bose Speaker Pumps Up TV Audio

Flat-screen TVs look great but often have flat sound.

If you don’t want to improve the Full HD experience with a full-on sound system, Bose has just released its Solo TV sound system for $749.

It’s a svelte, single speaker that’s designed to sit under TVs up to 42 inches in size and fix the biggest flaw in most LCD and plasma TVs: sound that’s as thin as the thickness of the displays.

As Bose’s director of home theatre product marketing Doug Lankford says in the company’s press release: “TV picture quality has improved over the years, but its audio quality hasn’t.

“The Bose Solo TV sound system was developed for the love of TV –- for people who don’t want a home theatre system.

“It delivers detailed sound at any volume, without the complications or intrusions of multiple components.

“One listen, and you’ll realise how much you’ve been missing in your favourite shows.”

The Bose Solo TV sound system measures 7.1 cm high x 53 cm wide and 30 cm deep.

It uses proprietary Bose digital signal processing and Bose speaker array technology to deliver what Bose says is detailed, wide, even sound.

According to the press release, programmes can be heard clearly and naturally, even at lower volumes — regardless of what’s being watched: a whispered conversation, the powerful vocals of a talent show, the music supporting a drama, or the crack-of-a-bat for a test match-winning boundary.

While the Bose Solo TV system will work with any TV, it was designed for placement under displays that have a base up to 51cm wide and 26 cm deep – which is typical of TVs with screens up to 32 inches (81.5cm) and many 40- (102 cm) to 42-inch (107cm) models.

It connects to a TV with just one cable and one plug to the wall.

It comes with a remote control but can be operated by most universal remotes.

“People will enjoy the Bose Solo TV system every day,” Lankford says. “It’s not a product reserved for special occasions, or movie night — and that’s what makes it so exciting.

“Every time you watch TV, the Bose Solo system improves the experience.”

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