New Freeview Awards Offer Chance to Win HD DTR

Voters in the inaugural online Freeview Awards stand to win one of three MyFreeview|HD DTRs.

The awards have been launched on the eve of Freeview celebrating three years of free-to-air digital TV coverage, which now reaches more than 20% of homes.

“So as people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of migrating from analogue TV to Freeview digital TV and radio, we wanted to provide them with a simple and efficient way to highlight what they consider to be the ‘best of the best’ elements of Freeview,” Freeview general manager Sam Irvine says.

The Annual Freeview Awards voting button can be found at and those who vote have the chance to win one of three MyFreeview|HD DTRs.

Entries close on April 6, and the winners will be announced on April 12.

The categories are:

Best Freeview accredited retail partner

Best Freeview accredited retail web site

Best installer experience

Best Freeview-approved HD receiver

Best Freeview-approved satellite receiver

Best Freeview approved digital television recorder (MyFreeview|HD)

Best Freeview|HD approved iDTV brand

Best digital only Freeview channel

Best free-to-air digital only TV show channel

Best TV show

Best HD TV show

Best Freeview radio station

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2 Responses to “New Freeview Awards Offer Chance to Win HD DTR”

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    April 27, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I know one award they cannot possibly win. “Best Freeview coverage”
    I am afraid to say the freeview coverage in NZ is rediculous. Who on earth decided how it would be implemented? To get “Freeview in the Wairarapa and I presume most “rural” areas, one needs a receiver. Great, TV’s come with built in receivers these days don’t they? Ummm…..but they don’t work unless you are in one of the 9 cities that broadcast DVB-T. Ok so then we need an external satelite receiver to get DVB-S(another $100-$200). Now were up and running?? Oh bugger, nope we now need a satelite dish ($300+). Fantastic, just spent $3000 on that new telly with freeview that doesn’t work, another $200 for another receiver (standard definition reception) and then another $300 for the dish and possibly more to get it installed etc. Freeview suddenly doesn’t sound free or even cheap any more. What happens at the digital change over. Everyone who is not in one of the 9 areas will have to get all the extras just to watch TV?

    Heres some friendly advice Freeview, Kordia, Communications minister etc……the easier and cheaper (greater coverage using existing broadcasting sites) you make it for people to get freeview, the more viewers you will gain, therefore the more advertising revenue you would potentially gain from the benefit of more viewers etc etc. Satelite DVB-S only benefits the very small minority of people who right now don’t get good terrestrial reception. Ok rant over. This just really upsets me with the way they have set up this Freeview!!

  2. The good news is Freeview is talking with the Government and broadcasters about extending its DVB-T service sooner rather than later, in an attempt to hasten the digital switchover. For more on this, see my article in today’s Press newspaper:

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