New Girls Will Be Here in a Whirl

SoHo will premiere the sixth and final season of Girls closer than usual to its HBO launch.

Traditionally, the Lena Dunham comedy has aired three days after its HBO broadcast.

But as part of a scheduling revamp that will shift SoHo’s two-hour comedy block from Thursdays to Wednesdays, the gap will narrow to two.

As well as allowing SoHo’s comedies to air nearer their US premieres, the move will allow the channel’s newest drama series, Legion (8.30 Thursdays from February 9), to air same day as the US.

Interest in Girls should be heightened this season because there won’t be a seventh.

At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Dunham said it was time to quit after six seasons.

“We were always conscious, especially because the show has been at times such a lightning rod, of overstaying our welcome.

“We wanted to make sure we kept the momentum alive and didn’t allow it to soften over time … I was 23 when I wrote the pilot; I’m gonna be 30 as we shoot the sixth season.

“And it just felt as though, if we were to continue on, it wouldn’t be about what it was originally about. It would be the equivalent of moving them to California, only California is them getting married and having kids and stuff like that.

“It just feels like at this point, it makes sense for us to wrap their stories up.”

Already there has been speculation about her character’s fate in the last 10 episodes after falling out with her friends in season five — as referenced in the season six trailer where, as Rolling Stone observed, “The titular foursome holds a ‘group meeting’ to air out the tensions that have grown between them in recent seasons.”

“I can tell you that the girls,in a very Girls way, do finally start to grow up,” executive producer Jenni Konner told Vogue.

“Our greatest hope is that the audience finds the end as satisfying as we do. But then if the audience was entirely pleased, it wouldn’t be Girls, would it?”

The return of Girls will precede the premiere of another Judd Apatow production, Crashing, an HBO newcomer that explores “the New York stand-up world from the living room floors of some of its most intriguing characters”.

Writer-star Pete Holmes’ semi-autobiographical project follows a sweet, wholesome comedian who re-evaluates his life after he discovers his wife is unfaithful.

Artie Lange (Rescue Me), Lauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black), and TJ Miller (Silicon Valley) co-star.

Season two of Baskets will continue at 9.30 ahead of re-runs of Catastrophe before running out its season in double-eps while resuming February 13 for a 10.30 Monday run will be Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

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    December 19, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    Surprised SoHo hasn’t decided to show Last Week Tonight live from the States. Given how often content is picked up by Stuff website etc, you’d think they might want to get a jump.

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