New Late-Night Shift for Prison Girls

TVNZ 2 will run off the rest of Prison Girls: Life Inside late-night.

The documentary series had been airing 8.35 Mondays and was due to complete its run next week.

But due to low ratings the final will now air 11.15 on May 11 instead of Whiskey Cavalier and Booze Patrol will replace it on Monday.

From May 11, a new season of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back will screen 8.35 Mondays, where it will compete against two popular crime shows: TVNZ 1’s One Lane Bridge and Three’s The Rookie.

The rejig follows TVNZ 2 dropping a Sunday night broadcast of The Amazing Race Australia, which will end with a two-hour finale on May 12.

The network also is flipping Leigh Hart’s Big Isolation Lockdown — again.

This week the show swapped slots with First Dates NZ, to air an hour earlier at 9.25.

Clearly the strategy didn’t work ratings-wise: the May 12 season final will shift back to 10.30, following Paranormal: Caught on Camera (which will air at 9.25 because of a 7.30 double-ep of The Amazing Race Australia).

TVNZ 2 also is adding to its off-peak schedule the comedy series, The Mayor (11.55am Saturdays from May 9).

About a struggling hip-hop artist who’s accidentally elected to office, it ran for only 13 episodes on ABC in 2017-18 — despite the New York Times arguing: ‘It’s practically begging to be the heir to the Modern Family throne: earnest, family-friendly, smart.”

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7 Responses to “New Late-Night Shift for Prison Girls”

  1. Just thought I would mention Homeland and Prison Break are now on Netflix in New Zealand. I just finished watching Homeland on Lightbox a few days ago. SO darn brilliant :)

  2. Trevor, are you enjoying Homeland S8? I’m intrigued as to how they wrap up series. I’ve only a couple of eps to go, shame on me for not watching it as it was aired …

  3. No, I have just watched seasons 1-7 on Lightbox. Is season 8 out now? Homeland reminds me a lot of 24. I have a feeling Carrie and Jack Baur would be great friends :)

  4. Hey, Trevor. Yes, Mike was referring to the final season, which has just screened on SoHo. Expect it to land on Netflix/Lightbox this time next year.

  5. OK, thanks Philip and Mike. Season 8 sounds like a sequel to season 7 going by what I have heard about it :)

  6. I thought the final season of Homeland was relatively good, but could have probably been done in half the episodes (the manoeuvring to set up the finish could have been a bit tidier). I enjoyed it though and I suspect you will too, Trevor. Another Showtime series that went on maybe a bit too long, though, and could have wrapped up at the end of the Brodie storyline.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts, Clint. I have the series stacked ready to binge on. Like you, I felt it never recaptured the brilliance of the first season but the characters and inventive storytelling always kept me coming back for more.

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