New on Blu: March 26-April 2

Skyfall lands here on Blu-ray with a transfer that will leave even hardened HD viewers not shaken but stirred by “a transfer that perfectly reproduces Roger Deakins’ sumptuous cinematographic compositions …

“Films like this justify the existence of Blu-ray all on their own.”

“Skyfall‘s DTS-HD MA 5.1 track is more than equal to the obligatory big moments of a Bond film: the explosions, car chases and shootouts, not to mention the opening train chase involving a crane and various VW Beetles and a scene in the London Tube that recalls Die Hard 3

“One could simply listen to Skyfall with the picture switched off, and the experience would still be thrilling.”

All that disappointed most critics was the lightness of the extra.

There are two audio commentaries — director Sam Mendes’ is the undoubted highlight — and a making-of hour that’s better than most but isn’t as good as the movie’s talent warrants.

Skyfall dominates this week’s new releases landscape, which is surprising given it’s a long weekend.

The best of the rest is Kingdom of Plants, even if it’s not the 3D version that’s for sale in the UK.

“Without the added dimension what we have is another brilliantly shot, stunningly presented series from the BBC.”

 On the Road looks more than roadworthy on Blu-ray. “The presentation is impressive.

“Detail and clarity are very good. Despite the fact that different parts of the film were shot at different locations and under different conditions, image depth and fluidity are consistently pleasing.

“There is a wide range of well saturated but warm and natural colours.”

Lastly, Scream is being re-issued as a budget title for $15.

“Sadly, the Blu-ray from Lionsgate arrives with a disappointing video presentation that’s ruined by noticeable edge enhancement.

“The audio fares a great deal better, making up for some of the distracting artifacts, but supplements are nothing new and are simply carried over from a previous release.”

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