New on Blu: September 28-October 4

It’s Hoodwinked versus Rio this week, with both animated tales coming out on Blu-ray 3D.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil 3D includes both the 2D and 3D versions whereas Rio is being released in separate 3D and 2D editions.

Hoodwinked Too’s animation may be “a bit more elementary than what we’ve become accustomed to, but it makes for a terrifically colourful high-def picture with richly saturated primaries and excellent variation in the softer hues”.

Or, in other words, the transfer does “a good job of replicating the film’s limited visuals, but the quality of the source is itself enough to keep this disc on the shelf when demo time rolls around”.

But there were no such reservations about Rio. “This is state of the art CGI and the Blu-ray reproduces in often stunning grandeur the incredible palette the many artists working on the film brought to the table.”

And “like the video, the audio presentation to this bird-brain animated flick is loads of fun and astounding” and “almost everything one would expect from this kind of animated extravaganza”.

The week’s only other new release is the award-winning borstal drama, Dog Pound, which apparently nails the movie’s gritty look.

“Even during the hand-held camera footage, the majority of which is rather dark, detail is very good, while clarity is arguably as good as it could possibly be.”

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