New Season: Campbell Live Streets Ahead

Campbell Live’s new lease on life saw the under-siege show notch up a rare if not unprecedented feat on Monday: it out-rated Shortland Street.

The programme’s solid coverage of the Nepal earthquake and ongoing Gloriavale developments (left) averaged 10.0% of people aged 5+ to beat TV2’s soap (8.3%).

It still narrowly lost to TV1’s Seven Sharp (11.0%) but in the demographics that matter most to the networks, CL (7.7% – 9.2%) was well ahead of 7S (4.8% – 6.8%).

Moreover, it was neck-and-neck with SS (9.4% – 12.2%) in the 25-54 demo and only a point behind in the 18-39 and 18-49 demos.

Ironically, TV3 originally wasn’t going to air CL on a public holiday but was persuaded to by the production team.

Although TV2 gained the advantage with My Kitchen Rules (10.2% – 14.0%), TV3’s The X Factor NZ (7.6% – 9.7%) out-rated TV1’s reality shows in every key demo except household shoppers with kids.

TV3’s The Blacklist (4.3% – 6.9%) was also competitive against TV2’s The Mysteries of Laura (5.3% – 6.7%) and topped TV1’s Stalker (2.7% – 5.7%) in every key demo except 25-54.

Even TV3’s Car Crash Britain (3.2% – 4.3%) rated well enough to beat TV2’s Schitt’s Creek (2.5% – 3.5%) across the board and TV1’s Forever in all the key demos except HHS/k.

But the biggest crash of the night was Schitt’s Creek, which only a week earlier averaged 6.2% – 10.6% off the back of an extra-long MKR premiere.

Nonetheless, TV2 still won the night in all four keys demos:

TV2’s new Sunday comedies also are struggling off the back of a nosediving Thunderbirds Are Go and against TV3’s The X Factor NZ (which this weekend won in all four key demos).

Sunday’s episode of the Gerry Anderson reboot averaged only 2.4% – 4.6%, which was bad news for lead-outs Galavant (3.1% – 4.0%) and Black-ish (3.1% – 4.4%).

TV2’s movie The Waterboy (4.5% – 5.6%) largely had the edge on TV3’s Old Mout Cider Comedy Gala (4.4% – 4.7%), and both beat TV1’s premiere of When We Go to War, which averaged 3.4% – 4.3% for the first episode and 2.4% – 3.8% for the second.

TV1’s HD premiere of The War Horse (2.6% – 4.9%) dominated Saturday’s ratings while Friday night was another triumph for TV3’s Jono and Ben, The Graham Norton Show and 7 Days.

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