New Season: MKR Rules But Campbell Turns Up the Heat

My Kitchen Rules made a top-rating comeback this week but Monday’s premiere was off the boil compared to last year’s.

It averaged 8.1% – 13.0% of the commercial demographics compared to 11.4% – 16.2% for the 2014 premiere.

The latter benefitted from starting a few weeks later, when viewing levels are higher, on the back of an hour-long episode of Shortland Street, and against weaker competition on TV3 than The X Factor NZ (6.0% – 9.3%).

Monday’s broadcast averaged a 26.0% channel share of the demo both TV1 and TV3 covet: 25-54 year-olds.

XFNZ’s share was 16.7% while new seasons of Border Patrol (24.5%) and Code: 1 (19.4%) started strongly on TV1.

On Tuesday, MKR’s 25-54 channel share slipped to 25.4% against The Bachelor NZ’s 20.9% and new seasons of Dog Squad (16.8%) and SCU: Serious Crash Unit (20.4%).

Dog Squad and SCU struggled partly because of lacklustre ratings for lead-in Seven Sharp (3.1% – 6.6% of key demos) against a resurgent Campbell Live (5.0% – 6.5%).

The under-siege CL not only won three of the four key demos, and lagged only half-a-point behind in the other, but also rated higher than lead-in 3News.

As heartening as the numbers are for the newsmag, those within CL circles doubt if it will be enough to save their show from the scrapheap.

And while CL did triumph on Tuesday, it was out-rated by SS on Monday, with the gap between the two being as much as three points in the 25-54 demo.

Incidentally, TV3 has reinstated Monday’s edition of CL after pre-empting it for a repeat of Road Cops (presumably because CL normally doesn’t air on public holidays).

MKR’s popularity on Monday provided a tremendous lead-in to Schitt’s Creek, which bowed with 6.2% – 10.6% of the key demos opposite Stalker’s 1.9% – 5.3% and The Blacklist’s 3.3% – 5.3%.

The crime dramas were competitive as were TV1’s Forever (1.0% – 3.8%) and TV3’s Car Crash Britain (2.2% – 2.6%), although both were crushed by TV2’s Hotel Hell (3.2% – 6.2%).

As a result, TV2 made a clean sweep of the night while TV3 trailed TV1 in all the key demos except 18-39:

On Tuesday, TV1’s Person of Interest (4.1% – 6.5%) seesawed with TV3’s NCIS (3.6% – 6.3%), with both out-rating TV2’s How to Get Away With Murder (4.5% – 7.4%) in the 25-54 stakes but not in the other key demos.

But TV1 dominated at 9.30 with Unforgettable averaging 2.5% – 4.7% against TV2’s Grey’s Anatomy (1.6% – 3.2%) and TV3’s NCIS: Los Angeles (2.0% – 2.4%).

TV2 won the night in three of the four key demos, with TV1 scoring the 25-54 vote:

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