New Season: Quake Doco Rocks Primetime

TV1’s Wednesday documentary about the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, The Day That Changed My Life, won the 8.30 hour in two of the critical commercial demographics and was competitive in a third.

It dominated among household shoppers with kids (7.1%) and 25-54 year-olds (6.5%), and was neck-and-neck in the 18-49 demo (4.4%).

The DVD of The Day That Changed My Life has just gone on sale, with the 58-minute director's cut (versus the 44-minute broadcast edit) and full interviews with the documentary's seven survivors

The DVD of The Day That Changed My Life has just gone on sale, with the 58-minute director’s cut (versus the 44-minute broadcast edit) and full interviews with the documentary’s seven survivors

The season finale of The Island With Bear Grylls rated only 1.8% – 4.6% in the same slot the previous week.

Predictably, Day averaged only 2.8% of 18-39 year-olds, who were more interested in TV2’s comedies.

The ‘quake doco provide a big lead-in in TV1’s new series, Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy, which averaged 2.5% – 5.6% to win the 9.30 hour in the HHS/k demo and dominate in the 25-54 and 18-49 race.

TV1 also started the night strongly, with Fair Go and Rapid Response topping the 25-54 and HHS/k demos but losing to TV2’s Marry Me and Two and a Half Men in the younger demos; TV3’s Road Cops and Gold Coast Cops finished a distant third across the board.

TV3’s Gallipoli averaged 2.8% – 4.3%, and TV2’s Mom 5.3% – 6.9% and Benched 3.1% – 3.5%.

TV2’s low-rating 8.30 duo didn’t do lead-out Agent Carter any favours, which struggled on 2.4% – 3.1% and was beaten even by Prime’s superhero rival Fantastic Four in the 18-39 demo (TV2’s target audience).

TV3’s final airing of Age Gap Love at 9.30 averaged 1.7% – 3.9% and was no match for TV1’s Secret Italy.

Wednesday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

On Tuesday, the ratings for TV3’s controversial X Factor NZ episode jumped 28% in the 25-54 demos and were up across the other key demos, too.

X Factor’s 9.7% – 12.6% average blitzed the competition and set up NCIS (5.0% – 6.8%) to win in the 25-54 and HHS/k demos while TV2’s How to Get Away With Murder (5.3% – 6.9%) topped it in the younger demos.

TV1’s Person of Interest trailed on 2.3% – 4.7%.

At 9.30, TV2’s Grey’s Anatomy (4.2% – 4.9%) beat NCIS: Los Angeles (1.8% – 3.5%) and TV1’s Fat Tony & Co (0.6% – 2.3%).


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    February 28, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Looks like TV2 has acted and demoted Carter to 10.30 next week, with Alan Carr: Sexy Beast taking over 9.30. I guess the feeling of being beaten in your own demo by older skewing Prime must hurt. Still Carter deserves a decent slot and might of worked as a Sunday night duo with Gotham or Shield but then again the competition on Sunday is intense. Aside from this I’m picking iZombie to be The Walking Dead’s successor at the end of its run.

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