New Season: What a Difference a Day Makes

After nights of Our First Home closing the gap with The X Factor NZ, TV2’s Motorway Patrol and Random Breath Testing overtook both on Tuesday.

Motorway Patrol averaged 8.4% – 13.2% of the commercial demographics and RBT, 7.3% – 12.2%.

X Factor edged out RBT in its last quarter hour but overall averaged only 6.5% – 9.5% — down sharply on the previous Tuesday’s edition but well up on Our First Home’s 3.2% – 5.1%.

Yet only 24 hours earlier the gap between the reality hours had been much closer: OFH averaged 4.2% – 9.0% on Monday and XFNZ, 7.4% – 10.0%.

While the talent quest was well ahead of the DIY hour in the younger demos, little more than a point separated them in their 25-54 and household-shoppers-with-kids appeal.

And TV2’s The Middle (6.6% – 11.6%) seriously challenged XFNZ in its first half.

Even so, XFNZ still won in the four key demos on Monday, which helped lead-out The Blacklist to rate higher than usual: 5.1% – 9.2%, with HHS/k far and away its biggest audience.

That made it neck-and-neck in the core age demos with TV2’s The Mysteries of Laura (5.1% – 10.9%), and both blitzed TV1’s Stalker (2.8% – 6.2%).

At 9.30, TV2 largely ruled with The Walking Dead (5.0% – 9.3%), with Forever (2.6% – 7.3%) topping it in the 25-54 stakes; TV3’s option, State of Affairs (2.9% – 4.1%), drew barely half the audience of lead-in The Blacklist.

TV3’s 9.30 drama fortunes were much better Tuesday, when NCIS: Los  Angeles (3.0% – 5.4%) won the hour after the previous week losing to TV2’s Grey’s Anatomy (2.5% – 3.5%).

Parent show NCIS also scored highly at 8.30, averaging 4.9% – 9.4% to out-rate TV2’s How to Get Away With Murder (5.5% – 6.9%) in all the key demos except 18-39.

TV1 had another lousy Tuesday with Person of Interest (2.9% – 6.0%) and Fat Tony & Co (1.9% – 3.2%).

Tuesday’s HD channel ratings and shares were:

Monday’s HD channel ratings and shares were:

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