New to Acorn TV in September

The only ‘new’ premiere on Acorn TV next month will be the “sunshine noir”, Recipes for Love and Murder, which will stream weekly in double-episodes from September 5.

It stars Outlander’s Maria Doyle Kennedy as a South African newspaper advice columnist who moonlights as a sleuth.

According to one review, “This 10-part series should tick all the right boxes for a captivating super sleuth series. But it falls short, mostly for trying to be too many things at the same time: a drama, a comedy, a whodunnit and a romance.”

Also streaming for the first time on Acorn will be season four of Hustle (September 5), S3 of The Tunnel: Vengeance (September 26) and S1 of the 2008 period drama City of Vice (September 19), which is set in 1750s London. Reads the blurb:

Novelist Henry Fielding (Ian McDiarmid) and his blind half-brother John (Iain Glen) want to set up a police force to tackle London’s soaring crime epidemic. With the help of Saunders Welch, the High Constable of Holborn, the brothers set out to show Lord Newcastle they can rid the streets of violent criminal gangs.

To my knowledge the Channel 4 series never screened here but according to Empire magazine, “It reeks of authenticity and squalor, with the Fieldings tackling sordid cases including robbery, rape, murder and the butchering of a gay clergyman. Heaps of horror, heaving bosoms, wickedness, wigs and some gallows wit.”

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5 Responses to “New to Acorn TV in September”

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    August 18, 2022 at 11:00 pm

    Just had a good laugh at She-Hulk, it’s such a fun show. I so love the MCU ?

  2. You’re not alone, Trevor — it seems to be earning great reviews.

  3. Great but noticed some people still aren’t liking it, they are obviously hard to please. You should check it out Philip, it’s so good. I have a feeling we will be discovering quite a lot over the next 8 weeks about the MCU ?

  4. We watched the first episode as we’re all great fans of Tatiana, but none of us could bring ourselves to even care about episode 2. I have 2 teenage daughters and they both commented that it’s getting ridiculous that ‘women’ can just do things better and without training ahead of male characters, they think it cheapens them. Though, I didn’t hold much hope from the M’She’U. Also, I cannot bare to think what they’ll do to Daredevil in this series.

  5. Oh well, I think it’s brilliant and most people seem to love it. So excited for episode 2 on Thursday ?

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