New to Amazon Prime Video in April

Amazon Prime Video will stream an eight-part “re-imagining” of the controversial autobiography Christine F, which was made into a movie that shocked the world 40 years ago, from April 9.

We Children From Bahnhof Zoo is billed as “a broader, serial re-imagining” of the best-selling account of drug abuse in the clubs and underground parties of ’70s Berlin.

But Variety reports the TV adaptation is “set in an indefinite time”, in the same way as Stranger Things.

The creative team didn’t want to make a historical show, producer Oliver Berben says.

“Obviously it is not present day – we don’t have cellphones, we don’t have computers – but it’s not important.

“After watching a few minutes you won’t think about the time issue any more. It just sucks you into its own world.”

A German critic said the Amazon Prime version is like a drug itself:

It rather relies on the “binge effect” of contemporary series; the show dives deeper into the roles, exlores relationships between the characters, and asks the uncomfortable question: “Where did it all go wrong?”

The series addresses the issue of addiction by making the audience addicted to Christiane F.’s story itself. It features quick cuts, jumps between realities to mimic the experience of being on psychoactive drugs, and reserves all judgment, never proselytizing about the evils of drugs.

Instead, it portrays the contrast between the young girl’s overall sense of boredom, which she says drove her into drugs, and the escape that these illegal substances gave her. Viewers are assumed to be smart enough to draw their own conclusions.

You can view the trailer here.

Also exclusive to APV in April will be the Tom Clancy movie, Without Remorse (April 30), which is billed as the “explosive origin story” of Jack Ryan universe hero John Clark:

When a squad of Russian soldiers kills his family in retaliation for his role in a top-secret op, Sr. Chief John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) pursues the assassins at all costs. Joining forces with a fellow SEAL (Jodie Turner-Smith) and a shadowy CIA agent (Jamie Bell), Kelly’s mission unwittingly exposes a covert plot that threatens to engulf the U.S. and Russia in an all-out war. Torn between personal honour and loyalty to his country, Kelly must fight his enemies without remorse if he hopes to avert disaster and reveal the powerful figures behind the conspiracy.

You can view the trailer here.

Other premieres will include the 10-episode anthology about terror in ’50s America, Them (April 9), LOL: Last One Laughing specials from Italy and Germany (April 1), and the 2021 Bollywood thriller The Priest (April 8).

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