New to Amazon Prime Video in June

Amazon Prime Video will stream the new supernatural AMC series, NOS4A2, from June 7.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Joe Hill’s novel is a massive, sprawling story that spans decades as it weaves together the journeys of plucky antihero Vic McQueen and a vicious child-eating psychic vampire named Charlie Manx.

Their unique supernatural gifts set them down a path of eventual collision, but there’s a whole heap of emotional devastation, familial trauma, and dead bodies that are left in the wake of it all. It’s so massive in scope, that a series is the only appropriate choice for adaptation. Even still, novel adaptations have proven a tricky thing to nail down. Luckily the network behind The Walking Dead has proven once again to have a strong grasp on horror television that hits just as hard on an emotional level as it does in inducing fear.

But in another early review, based on the first three of 10 episodes, TV Line said “any flickering glimmer of quality gets smothered by a drab visual palette, sluggish plotting and a crushingly dour tone”.

Also new next month will be Chasing Happiness, a documentary about the Jonas Brothers (June 4), and, at last, the first three seasons of The Expanse (June 1).

The Syfy series has already aired on Sky and streamed on Lightbox but on Amazon Prime Video will stream in 4K for the first time, ahead of season four’s premiere later in the year.

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