New to AMC+ in February

AMC’s renewal of the yet-to-stream-here Mayfair Witches coincides with nothing new being announced for AMC+ NZ for February.

It follows the struggling streamer’s decision to decimate its local platform to capitalise on tax breaks, write-downs and licensing its original content to other services.

AMC+ NZ does have a handful of premieres for its secondary services, Acorn TV and Shudder, but what should be its primary destination in this market, AMC+, is conspicuously bereft of newcomers.

Here are the highlights for Acorn and Shudder:

Shetland S7 (Acorn TV, February 6)

The final season of the BBC murder-mystery series to star Douglas Henshall as DI Perez concerns the disappearance of a seemingly vulnerable young man whose family has only recently moved to the island: is he truly missing or a killer on the run?

As for the future of the series without Henshall, Radio Times reports: “While there’s little detail known about season 8, other than the fact it’s happening, we do now know a little more about Ashley Jensen, who is replacing Henshall in her new role as lead detective DI Ruth Calder.”

Candice Renoir S5 (Acorn TV, February 27)

After the devastating tragedy in the previous series, the French detective is still in denial and tumbles straight into an accident. Did she return to work too soon or is she deliberately putting herself in harm’s way? Does she still have the uncanny ability to pick out the tiny details at a crime scene that point to the culprit?

Skinamarink (Shudder, streaming now)

Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished. To fill the silence of the house and distract from the frightening, inexplicable situation, they slumber in front of the TV watching worn videotapes of cartoons while anxiously hope adults will save them.

Attachment (Shudder, February 9)

A has-been actress in Denmark falls in love with a young Jewish academic who suffers a mysterious seizure that forces her to contend with increasingly strange occurrences and a sinister neighbour.

The Witch Part 2: The Other One (Shudder, February 16)

After a girl emerges as the sole survivor of a bloody raid on the research facility behind the top-secret Witch Program, she is rescued by a pair of civilians who soon realise that more danger lies ahead. Directed by Park Hoon-jung and starring Kim Da-mi, Park Eun‑bin and Lee Jong Suk.

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4 Responses to “New to AMC+ in February”

  1. We definitely got AMC+ the wrong time. Why they decided to come here in the first place beats me. I’m still optimistic about the Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service this year or 2024 🤔

  2. Frustrating as it is, Trevor, AMC+ launched here in-between CEOs: one who had been in the post for only three months — she stepped down in November ahead of massive cuts being made to the service — and her yet-to-be-announced successor.

  3. Oh well, I think I will give them a few more months then call it a day. At least Shudder keeps us up to date 😁

  4. I see Fawlty Towers is getting a reboot. The thought of Basil Fawlty in 2023 tickles my funny bone 😂😂😂😂😂

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