New to Blu: April 11-17

Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots looks just the cat’s whiskers on Blu-ray.

“Its flawless 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 transfer is 100 percent demo-worthy.

“Having seen Puss in Boots several times (I have kids), the Blu-ray is easily the best presentation of the film that I have seen yet.”

Viewers will be astonished with the level of fine detail evident in every shot.

“Individual strands of fur on Puss’ or other feline bodies, the leathery texture of his hat, the scuffed and worn woods seen all over town, and even the delicate texture of Humpty’s eggshell exterior are reproduced with much attention to detail.

“The image is absolutely razor-sharp with every square inch of the screen revealing the thorough and complex details the film has to offer.”

The same critics thought the Blu-ray 3D release was also extraordinarily detailed, even if it “loses just a touch in exchange for the added depth“.

The Whistleblower is naturally grainy and gritty and a bit soft and somewhat muted in its colour palette most of the time, favoring the cooler side of the spectrum with blues, greys, and whites.

“Still the AVC encodement is a strong one that gives a strong amount of detail in close-up shots, deep blacks without a lot of crush and not issues with digital manipulation.”

“The film depicts a dark and troubling milieu. The colour palette is at times grim and oppressive. There is a grain structure which mirrors the gritty environment of the film.

“However, there is no doubting the quality of this Blu-ray transfer.”

The rest of the week’s releases are direct-to-disc: Machine Gun Preacher (“while this isn’t an HD transfer that popped quite as much as I expected it to, it certainly had its moments“), Tactical Force (“suffers under the weight of low production values“), Camel Spiders (“crisp, sharp, well-defined“), Beat the WorldSmittyBleach the Movie 3: Fade to BlackHeaven’s Lost Property Collection 1 and Sekirei Pure Engagement: Season 2.

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