New to Blu: April 2-8

Sci-fi adventure Ender’s Game is the latest movie to wind up on Blu-ray here without Region A’s 7.1-channels of audio.

However, Region B’s DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track apparently is no slouch.

“It’s a shame that we didn’t get the 7.1 track as featured on the US release, but even so I’m fairly confident that you could use this disc to demo your system and still impress.”

Ender’s Game was shot digitally on Epic Red cameras, and the quality of the Blu-ray transfer lives up to what one would hope for.

“There are a lot of colours used in the movie, and I’m happy to report that they all look great in HD, without ever becoming over-saturated.”

Extras include two commentaries, deleted/extended scenes and a making-of hour divided into eight parts.

“Watching Ender’s bonus material, you can’t help but feel that there’s a bunch of elephants in the room.

“The biggest one of course being author Orson Scott Card. His controversial statements against gay marriage pretty much ejected him from planned promotional activities, and pretty much any mention in the bonus material.”

The re-make of Carrieoffers a clean and practically flawless presentation.

“Framed at 2.35:1 and presented in 1080p with the AVC codec, the transfer exhibits great color, detail and contrast.”

“The image on Fox/MGM’s 1080p, AVC-encoded Blu-ray reflects the noiseless clarity one expects from today’s DI-processed digital productions, though it is sometimes a bit less detailed than one might expect from a 4K image downconverted for Blu-ray.”

“Presented in 24 Bit, the 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio is even more impressive than the video presentation.

“This high quality lossless sound mix has a strong sound design that implements good bass and surround directionality.”

“A very strong presentation of Filth should please its fans as well as viewers who are going to experience the film for the first time at home.”

“This is a solid modern HD presentation.

“The haziness holds it back from shining but the image is still a crisp, stylistic, cold image that sells the mood of the twisted film very well, without letting the crazier elements run amok and pull us into cartoony stuff.”

Also new are:

  • Delivery Man (“apart from some momentary aliasing in some tight line structures, this is a pristine image with excellent sharpness, outstanding colour control, and consistently maintained contrast resulting in pleasing, believable flesh tones”)
  • Planes 3D (“depth and dimensionality are notably dazzling“)
  • Tequila Sunrise (“the image is acceptable  — and certainly leaps and bounds beyond the DVD — but Tequila Sunrise deserved better”)
  • City of Angels (“far from perfect, but it’s not too shabby considering it’s a late ’90s chick flick”)
  • The Little Rascals Save The Day
  • Gounod: Faust.
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4 Responses to “New to Blu: April 2-8”

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    April 3, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    I have bought the local release of Ender’s Game. $25 is a pretty good price. If I really enjoy the movie, I will probably sell the local release and purchase the US release for the superior 7.1 soundtrack, even if there is only a marginal increase in sound quality. I will buy the local release of Carrie when the price has dropped by a reasonable amount.

  2. YAY! I see the classic TV show The Professionals is being released on Blu-ray, I got it on order with Amazon UK … not sure if it’s going to be released in NZ 🙂

  3. I got my copy of Ender’s Game from Amazon UK and it definitely has a 7.1 soundtrack. Why the AU/NZ version lacks this eludes me as the UK disc is Zone B.

  4. Karl: I think you may be mistaken. I have seen four UK website reviews of this movie and all have stated that the soundtrack is a 5.1 soundtrack. Two of them have lamented the fact that UK version does not come with a 7.1 soundtrack. states that UK version only comes with a 5.1 soundtrack also and this has been confirmed by people that own this movie. I have seen the case of the UK version and on the back it shows a 5.1 soundtrack. US version appears to be the only one that comes with a 7.1 soundtrack

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