New to Blu: April 20 – 26

Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens’ 1080p transfer inspires from the beginning. The yellow lettering leaps off the screen, supported by a perfectly deep surrounding star field. Colours continue to impress for the duration.”

“Shot on film, the imagery here is very sharp and very inviting with exceptional detail while colour quality is superb with especially inviting skin tones. Black levels are first-rate while contrast is exceptionally consistent to produce a reference quality picture.”

Star Wars – The Force Awakens has an incredibly well produced set of extras. These are some of the best and most engaging supplements I have seen on a recent release. The behind the scenes making-of documentary is heartfelt and informative.

“Since The Force Awakens was released in select theaters with Dolby Atmos audio, many fans may be disappointed to hear that the Blu-ray only contains a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. But, wow, what a track this is! …

“Not only is dialogue crisp and clear, but those big action sequences have the proper amount of ‘oomph’ in every laser blast, explosion, or lightsaber strike.”

99 Homes is an absorbing thriller that places a human face on the 2008 housing market crash. On the technical front, the disc features strong video and audio, respecting the director’s aesthetic intentions.”

“The film might not be the flashiest, but this transfer was never less than fantastic. The film takes place in Florida, and that lends itself nicely to the HD format as the background shots are often finely detailed and pleasing to the eye.”

“The DTS HD 5.1 lossless track is also good, with thuds of equipment sounding clear and with requisite subwoofer involvement, and lesser moments like power drills or phones ringing sounding clean and convincing during the film.”

Also new are: Norm of the North, the re-make of Psycho (plus sequels II-IV), The Ritchie Blackmore Story and:

  • Alien Outpost (“the video isn’t wonderful, the audio only passable“)
  • Mojave (“colour is acceptably realistic with decent skin tones, but black levels are not at optimum levels”)
  • Poker Night (“clarity and sharpness are good, detail is plentiful“)
  • The Runner (“top-tier video and good audio”)

New TV-on-disc releases include ANZAC drama When We Go to WarQuantum Leap: The Complete First SeasonGarm Wars: The Last DruidFairy Tail: Collection 18Terror in Resonance: Complete Series and WWE: NXT’s Greatest Matches – Vol 1.

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5 Responses to “New to Blu: April 20 – 26”

  1. YAY, can’t wait to see The Force Awakens on my TV, great to hear it looks and sounds amazing, also with excellent extras :)

  2. Hi Trevor. Do you have a surround sound system or just a TV?

  3. Hi Mark, I have got my TV going through a sound system and it sounds really good, I had to turn it down at times as it was quite loud :)

  4. That’s good as I thought you only had a TV. I have a really good sound system also but occasionally I have to turn it down a little.

  5. The last time I saw one of the latest Star Trek movies on TV the sound wasn’t anywhere as good as the Blu-ray that I have of it. I suspect that this Star Wars movie will be the same. DD5.1 on TV is nowhere near as good as HD Audio on Blu-ray.

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