New to Blu: April 23-29

If you had great expectations for Mr. Pip on Blu-ray, you won’t be disappointed with its sensational transfer.

Andrew Adamson’s adaptation of the Lloyd Jones novel is breathtaking to behold on disc in a Paramount/Transmission Films release that disappoints only with its cursory extras (interviews with the director and star Hugh Laurie).

Mr Pip BD-0004959Everything else is picture perfect, from John Toon’s astoundingly beautiful cinematography to Ngila Dickson’s eye candy-popping costumes.

Despite its NZ funding and talent, Mr. Pip came out on Blu-ray across the Tasman a month ago, which explains why the packaging quotes only Aussie critics and no one from closer to home.

“Free from any notable issues, and packed with great detail, dimension, and pop, Anchorman 2 comes to Blu-ray with a very classy transfer.”

The two-disc set has the theatrical release on one, complete with filmmakers’ commentary, and a “super-sized” version on the other.

“These versions offer different improvised takes – with the 25-minute longer version containing a ruder, cruder version that allot more time to different characters.”

Frozen is out in 2D and 3D editions. “Everything wonderful about the 2D transfer carries over into 3D.

“Resolution is impeccable. Colours are absolutely stunning. Deep black levels. And I didn’t see one issue with the encode.”

“The main audio track on the Blu-ray is an English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio option which is crystal clear and sufficiently robust in sound.

“The heavy use of music and songs is allowed to breathe fully in this mix.”

The pick of the extras is Get a Horse! “This retro Mickey Mouse short that played before the movie in theaters is required viewing at home …

“Its clever hook pays homage to the earliest Disney cartoons while taking advantage of modern technology. It’s great.”

Sick Boy “is low budget filmmaking with digital cameras and it shows …

“The video is not one to show off the advantages of Blu-ray, the audio is fine.”

The sole TV-on-BD newcomer is a must-have: “Justified: The Complete Third Season features a very sturdy, accurate, colourful, and nicely detailed 1080p high definition transfer.

“Viewers will notice right off the bat — and throughout the season — the faultlessly complex facial textures.”

“If anything the look of this Blu-ray is slightly better than the earlier seasons although only by the slightest of margins.”

“The main soundtrack is mixed in 5.1 DTS-HD MA. It sounds great, with a smart balance between dialogue and the often-vivacious sound effects.”

Music titles are limited to One Last Time + Celebrate! The Best Of Tina Turner and The Dukes of September Live.

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2 Responses to “New to Blu: April 23-29”

  1. I’m impressed by the extras for Anchorman 2. I love it when they go all out in the extras department :-)

  2. Extras don’t really interest me. I just want to watch the movie and get the best version of the movie possible – including best audio and video quality.

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