New to Blu: April 27 – May 3

Daddy’s Home features a proficient and enjoyable 1080p transfer. The digitally sourced image reveals spurts of source noise and nighttime blacks occasionally border on crush, but the image is otherwise good to go.

“The colour palette looks fine and the black levels in the film are pretty consistent. Whites push a tad toward the hot side, and the image doesn’t have razor sharp, consistent detail all of the the time. For recent source material it could have been a little better, but overall is fine.”

“The DTS HD Master Audio track is typical of a slapstick comedy with some directional effects here and there. Vocals are pure and true. There aren’t a lot of examples of dynamic audio to crow about, mainly some loud party scenes as well as the antics of a physical comedy.”

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain is presented on Blu-ray … with an AVC encoded 1080p transfer. This is a nicely sharp and well detailed looking piece, with well saturated colours and excellent contrast. Some of the wide shots of Madison Square Garden don’t pop with quite the clarity that the bulk of this enterprise does, but otherwise this a clear and precise looking presentation.”

“Not a lot is generally expected from comedy or concert films aside from clarity, and this disc certainly delivers that. What’s surprising is that it seems to go beyond a simple clear image to offer a complete, robust package.”

“The English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 is healthy and strong. Kevin Hart’s delivery is crystal clear, driven mostly through the centre channel, and the accompanying music during the opening skit and tour recap, positively throbs.”

Also new are the Australian movie Oddball and top TV titles The Hunt, The Great Barrier Reef and Homeland: The Complete Season Five, which goes on sale here ahead of the US — as does another newcomer, The Shannara Chronicles – The Complete First Season.

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