New to Blu: April 3 – 9



➢ “Bumblebee was digitally photographed, reportedly at a resolution of 3.4K, and finished at 2K. The image offers a noticeable, if not fairly standard, UHD boost to textures and colors over the excellent Blu-ray that make this the definitive home video version of the film, but not necessarily a top-end reference image or a significant leap from 1080p.” —

➢ “This is an excellent Ultra HD presentation that looks terrific on my large screen. What struck me from the onset is the lifelike reproduction of the textures captured by the camera’s lens. Whether it be the finest minutia in physical features or the rough textures on the interior of a well-traveled VW Beetle … the imagery is gorgeous.” — AVSForum.

➢ “The HD presentation also arrives with dead-on, precise contrast, delivering a beautifully bright and vibrant picture from beginning to end. Thanks to radiantly crisp whites in every scene, highlights are particularly extraordinary.” — High-Def Digest.

Second Act

➢ “The image looks fine, with good detailing visible throughout the film. Whether considering skin textures, numerous examples of attire, home furnishings, office spaces, or the like, there’s a good foundational clarity and solid, though not exacting or out of the ordinary, textural finesse. Colours are well balanced, enjoying natural contrast and commendable vibrancy.” —

➢ “Like the movie itself, this is a pretty by the numbers transfer, with natural colour saturation and an acceptable level of detail that shows off the textures of the costumes and set design, but likely won’t make one want to pull this movie out as demo material. Contrast is also very good, with decent black levels and minimal crushing.” — Home Theater Forum.

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