New to Blu: August 14-20

Tom Cruise’s 2013 space odyssey Oblivion earned stellar reviews for its Blu-ray specs.

“The 1080p high-definition image offers superb contrast with deep blacks and yet abundant shadow detailing.

“The colour palette is subtle yet refined and evocative. Detail is crisp and clean without edging or artifacting.”

“A spotless high-def presentation. Almost every scene is in stunning clarity, but it never looks un-cinematic. Detail is mind-blowingly clear.”

“The 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack is equally impressive and exhibits wonderful range and clarity.

“Quiet, dialogue-heavy scenes are perfectly audible, as are effects-heavy action sequences.”

NZ fans of Warm Bodies have been left out in the cold, with the local release omitting the 7.1 track and director/cast commentary but at least “this is a really sharp, clear and convincing transfer”, the aggressive colour grading notwithstanding.

“Overall, this film is a few steps shy of demo material because it doesn’t have a certain pop or wow factor, but this Blu-ray perfectly captures how Warm Bodies looked in cinemas.”

GI Joe: Retaliation comes out blazing in both 2D and a 3D conversion that delayed the movie’s release by nine months.

“The 2D release is rich with deep, saturated colours with deep black levels and razor sharp details at every turn.”

“The 2D transfer for GI Joe: Retaliation is nothing less than phenomenal. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the 3D presentation … It’s basically effective but something of a disappointment overall.”

Escape From Planet Earth also lands in 2D and 3D (but without the US commentary).

“The 2D image yields an unbelievably bright colour palette. It’s vibrant and satisfying in every shot, very even and well defined, no matter the place, time, lighting, or any other factors.”

“As 3D Blu-rays go, this is one of the best animated titles I own. If you’re looking to show off the 3D capabilities of your television, this comes close to reference quality.”

Also new are 42 (“stunning, with a near flawless picture”), the direct-to-disc sequel Hitman Reloaded, the animated Wolverine: Origin, and dated Ocker oddities Sirens and BMX Bandits.

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    August 14, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    I actually like the 3D of GI Joe. In fact, a few times it made me blink 🙂

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