New to Blu: August 15-21

Let The Hunger Games begin.

The Blu-ray of the second-highest grossing movie of the year is being released ahead of the rest of the world on Friday.

It goes on sale here a day before the US and two weeks earlier than in the UK, although advance reviews already have been posted online.

“Perhaps because the sound design is so spectacular and the relentless ‘shaky cam’ makes the image seem blurry to begin with, the film’s overall visual look may not pop quite to the degree some would expect— but fear not, this is for the most part a flawless high definition presentation.”

“Fine detail ranges from good to exceptional. Black levels vary, with most dark scenes looking rich and deep, although a few look a bit washed out with a slight blue cast.

“The colour is very pleasing to my eyes, because it’s mostly free of the ubiquitous teal and orange trend.”

Julia’s Eyes has “a solid transfer but not one that really leaps off the screen” – although “blown through a digital projector, the high-definition transfer conveys outstanding depth and fluidity”.

Also new are The Raid, The Women on the 6th Floor and the TV series, Episodes.

Going direct-to-disc are Merantu, Mac and Devlin Go to High School and Hijacked.

Hijacked may be an awful movie, but that hasn’t stopped Anchor Bay from delivering a handsome 1080p Blu-ray transfer.”

“The shot in HD visuals of this flick are the only thing that looks good but because the image is so sharp and is bathed in bad digital tricks (like fake lens flare and CGI aeroplanes) everything looks fake.”

WWE fans can choose between WWE Falls Count Anywhere – The Greatest Street Fights & Other Out Of Control Matches and WWE Undertaker – The Streak while the music-minded can opt for (Sic)ness – Live at Download or Cliff and the Shadows.

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4 Responses to “New to Blu: August 15-21”

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    August 14, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Does anyone know if the local release of The Hunger Games on Blu-ray is the uncut version that the UK is getting? If not, it will be an import for me.

  2. The UK “uncut” release is the version that screened theatrically here. Distributor Lionsgate cut seven seconds to secure a lower censor’s rating wheres in NZ it was released uncut with an M cert.

  3. That’s great, thanks. Provided that the local release comes with a 7.1 soundtrack (which the US and UK releases have), then it will be a day one purchase for me.

  4. I got The Hunger Games today, it’s REALLY good … Jennifer Lawrence is a VERY good heroine as Katniss Everdeen and it looks amazing in HD 🙂

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